Felix Investments is continuously on the look-out for possible investment opportunities in start up firms that are looking to grow their business to the next level. With years of experience in spotting early movers in the burgeoning high-tech sector, Felix has been involved with numerous early round investments which have continued successfully onto later stage funding with very high upsides.

What makes Felix’s approach unique in Series A funding in the tech sector, is top managements’ understanding of the culture of a start-up firm and how important the vision of the leader is to the growth of the company. Felix’s method is not to interfere with an entrepreneur's vision for his/her company and to allow the creativity to flourish and help grow the company. We at Felix allow the entrepreneur to focus on growth that is critical in the early days of a company’s development.

By taking no seat in the operation of the company and nor a  board position, Felix gives those start ups the ability to showcase themselves in the later rounds of funding. This allows the firms to pursue potentially higher valuations in later rounds without being burdened by poorly managed early financing.

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Why Felix?

Our reputation is based on our experience, the integrity of our people, and the equality of our work- not as we measure it, but as our clients do. Our passion is building relationships that build value for our clients, their shareholders and customers, and the communities that they serve.