The dedicated team at Felix Investments is constantly in pursuit of investment opportunities for its clients. Given the dynamic nature of this high-tech industry and the rapid growth associated with it, it is essential to always consider the fundamentals of the business and to consider both the upside potentials and the possible threats facing any given venture.

Considering the current history of private company stock purchases facilitated by Felix Investments and the considerable gains achieved in recent months, Felix’s client portfolio values have seen significant unrealized gains.

Felix works hard to build a close and lasting relationship with its network of clients and to educate them fully on all aspects of their investment and the implications of investing in private company shares. This approach allows our potential clients to learn as much as possible about the companies they are looking to invest in and also have access to the Felix team’s expertise along with their views of those private companies.

By having strong ties to key figures at the heart of Silicon Valley, Felix Investments is always at the cusp of the most recent trends in the high-tech sector, allowing it to identify opportunities for potential immense growth at a very early stage. In addition, the strong network of representatives at Felix are always on the lookout for access to those private shares hence allowing the opportunity to invest early  and to potentially realize gains upon the maturity and liquidation of the funds.

Representing over 12 private investment funds investing in a range of high-tech, high-growth sectors such as cloud computing, software-as-a-service, social media, mobile banking and bio technology, Felix has the diversity necessary in the creation of any fund while satisfying the needs of its diverse clientele base.

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Why Felix?

Our reputation is based on our experience, the integrity of our people, and the equality of our work- not as we measure it, but as our clients do. Our passion is building relationships that build value for our clients, their shareholders and customers, and the communities that they serve.